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Wednesday 20th June, 2018

ProReveal Testimonial - Derriford Hospital, Plymouth

"We installed the ProReveal in 2017 as we wanted a quantitative in situ method of measuring proteins to comply with new HTM 01-01 recommendations. We have been using the test for several months now and are seeing that the protein on our surgical instruments has gone from an average of 2.5 µg per side of the instrument to 1.4 µg. This is because the ProReveal has helped us identify areas where we can improve the decontamination process.”

“The benefit of using this type of technology is that it has changed the way we test so we’re saving a huge amount of money quarterly by not outsourcing our testing and not buying swab kits. Additionally, we don’t have to wait 30 days for test results, we can have them instantly. We are very happy with our ProReveal, it is reliable, easy to use and is saving us money while helping us monitor and improve our processes.” 

Stephen King, Quality & Training Supervisor, Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, UK.